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In this course, you will go from feeling uncertain about photography, to feeling empowered to use your camera to capture authentic moments, unlock your creativity, and experience the joy of photography. 

This is more than just another course about the fundamentals of photography! Each module includes life application, which will equip you to use photography to elevate your perspective, focus and connections in real life. 

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Maybe you're like me when I first started on my photography journey. Even though I had a nice camera, I didn't really know how to use it. It wasn't until I took a photography course, that a whole new world was opened up to me! 
The word "photography" means "drawing with light." Once I learned how to look for the light, I began to understand how to take beautiful images with my camera. I was able to capture moments and milestones, tell visual stories creatively, and see the world from a whole new perspective. 
This incredible perspective and creativity began to overflow into other areas of my life, and I just couldn't get enough. I began to notice and appreciate light and beauty around me each day. I want this for you, too! 
My "Photography + Life" course will teach you how to capture authentic moments, express yourself artistically, and how to take control of your camera. Woven throughout the course is relevant life-application aimed at increasing your joy, perspective and creativity in real life.


Have you ever felt frustrated that the photos you take don't really capture the essence of the moment, or the true personality of the people? I'll teach you how to look for and create opportunities to capture the kinds of photos that are full of joy and authenticity, that tell visual stories, and freeze moments in time. Children grow and loved ones pass on. It's such a gift to know how to photograph them authentically. I'll teach you how to use your camera as a natural extension of the moment, instead of it becoming something that gets in the way of living life and laughing with your loved ones. 


I promise, your creativity is there, ready to be awakened! You just need a trusted step-by-step process that helps you change your perspective in order to create something unique. It's about slowing down, intentionally choosing what to focus on, and capturing the beauty that's already around you. In the process, you'll realize that your life is being changed! Creativity will begin to flow in other areas of your life. Your perspective will elevate as you face challenges in your path. Your camera will literally train you to see your world anew, and interact with it in an entirely different way. As a bonus, there's literally nothing quite like the high of creating ART that blesses those who see it, and blesses you along the journey.


I get it! Photography can feel overwhelming. There is often a gap that's WAY too big between what you see with your eyes and what you see on your camera screen. But when you seek to close this gap by learning your camera, you get quickly overwhelmed. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, depth of field . . . all terms that jumble together in your head and seem beyond your reach.

Don't worry. I've got you! I'm a former teacher and a professional photographer, so I'm uniquely suited to help you learn. I will demystify each term and walk you through the real-life application of each, so that you feel empowered to know how to take control of your camera. With practice, you will know exactly how to use it as a tool to create amazing images, unlocking your creative potential. I'll also be personally available online once a week during office hours. I'm happy to answer any and every question.  I am also available to offer constructive feedback on your weekly assignments.


The photos you end up with are just part of the experience.  Through this photography course, you will learn about so many things that will help you in "real life" including:

  • Authentically connecting with people
  • Being "in the moment" instead of just documenting it
  • How changing your focus and perspective can change your results
  • Finding light in your everyday life, and how the shadows can accentuate the light
  • Elevating your creativity
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Joy & positivity
  • (And so much more!)

Photography and life go hand-in-hand, and an investment in photography is an investment in YOU, one that can equip you with the tools and inspiration you need to life life more fully.

Step by Step

Step-by-step Modules

Learn photography in five modules delivered over five weeks. Avoid overwhelm by building skills one actionable step at a time.


Get Inspired

Each week, you will be given assignments and inspiration that will push you to create amazing images and change your perspective in life.

Do it Together

I can't wait to interact with you personally. You'll also be invited to join a community of other light-seekers, and find an accountability group if you'd like.

A Great Investment

You will be able to remain a member of the community, and view the lessons for the lifetime of the course. Reach out to me anytime for help!

"Looking for the Light"

Photography + Life Starter Course

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