The Shadow Proves the Sunshine

How do you look at life?
You can look at the dark shadows, or at the bright and shiny highlights.
Life is like a camera, you can choose what to focus on.
Let's look for the light.
. . . . . 
But what about the shadows?
A good portrait photographer knows that a strong portrait will use shadow strategically to bring out the highlights of the face.
There's a Switchfoot song that states, "the shadow proves the sunshine."
So the dark things in our lives can actually highlight the good? 
We can view them as proof that the good is there, shining down upon us. 
. . . . .
What shadows are you facing right now?
How can you focus on the good and let the shadows call forth praise?
. . . . . 
Live in the Sun.
Live in the Light.
~ Laura


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