Looking for the Light in Life

For me, this week was rough. Lockdown, cancelled plans, crying kids, home-school drama, headaches, friends leaving the country, and more. Oh, and on top of that I cut out coffee, sugar, dairy and gluten for two weeks . . . you can just imagine how fun that’s been!

I’m usually a pretty optimistic person.  However, for me it’s still a fight every single day to choose joy, to choose not to wallow in negatives, and to focus on the things I have to be thankful for. Some days more than others. 

The thing I love about photography is the way it causes me to look for the light. I have to look for the place where the light touches reality; that place where beauty is created. In a photo session, I always want to keep going until I know I’ve captured some of this magic. I’ll change my background, change my angle, change what the subject is doing, change the light, until BANG, the magic hits.

I have to work for it. I don’t always see it in the first few photos. I may have to get sweaty, get down on the ground, walk a little farther, or ask a little bit more of myself. However, the end result makes it all worth it, and I have faith as I’m going that I’ll keep fighting for and looking for that moment of beauty. More often than not, that moment is unexpected and not something I have foreseen or planned for . . .it just happens.

I find this is true in life as well. We push ourselves through the hard stuff, through the things that are not fun but necessary. We persevere, go just a little bit longer . . . and then there’s a gift. A moment of hope. A glimpse of eternity. Laughter. Love. 

I believe that God knows how much we can handle and he never gives us more than we can bear. I find comfort in that. Moments of light always come after the shadows. Sometimes the dark days are long, but there is always a whisper of hope. There’s always a reminder that we were made for eternity, for more than what we can see. And God is always with us.

So let’s keep looking for those moments where eternity touches time, where light breaks through the darkness, and where hope is stirred. If we’re hiding from life, we can’t see it. We have to step out, we have to live. We hold to hope that there are brighter days ahead and that this day won’t last forever.  We look for the light.

I pray this for you. That you would find the light today, despite the struggles, despite the pressures, despite the disappointments. 

Sending you peace and light today,


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