Artistic Photography: A Window to the Soul

They say that the eyes can be a window to the soul. I really believe that the camera lens can be a window to the soul as well. It can help you connect with yourself and help you express what is deep inside.

1. The camera can help you discover artistic giftings that you didn’t know you had!

I always connected with artistic things but I wasn’t the best artist in my class--I couldn't draw like some of the other kids, and I couldn't paint to the standard I desired (I could SEE the image I wanted in my mind's eye, but I would get so frustrated trying to put that down on paper). So what did I do? I stepped away from art and picked a different major in college. I turned my back on art because I didn't think I could do it. Can you relate to that?

Even though I thought I couldn’t ever be an artist, photography later proved me wrong. Photography makes art accessible to anyone, because you don’t have to draw a flower . . . you just have to photograph it! You choose your angle and perspective. In editing, you can play with the colors and feel. There are so many artistic choices you can make. It's such a high to create a work of art (no drawing required)!

2. The camera can help you develop creativity in other areas of your life

When you flex your creativity muscles with your camera (or any other type of art), it spills over to how you view your world, and helps your creativity grow stronger in areas such as problem-solving, new perspectives, and a fresh approach to your work.

It's so much much fun to push yourself out of the box with photography, since there are zero consequences for doing so. If you don't like the image, you can always delete it later.

3. The camera allows you to express what's inside of you

If you're feeling happy, you may be drawn to golden light and flowers. If you're sad, you may find the shadows more expressive or fitting to your mood. I have seen photos of abandoned buildings that express the photographer's feelings of abandonment. Photography can be cathartic. Maybe you don't know what is calling to you when you first step out to take some artistic photos. Just keep watching the light, keep moving your feet around, keep looking for a new perspective. When you see a shot . . .take it.

This week, look for an opportunity to express something artistic through your photography.

Even if you don't love your initial results, keep at it. Keep flexing those creativity muscles. Show your soul!

If you're brave enough, I'd love to see what you create. Share it with me if you'd like!

Peace and light,






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