"I don't want to be a photographer"

Apr 11, 2021

“I don’t want to be a photographer.” 

My friend told me that at this point in her life, she was so busy with life and kids, that pursuing photography didn’t make sense for her.

I remember feeling like that. I had taken a photography course in university, and learned about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and the like. We used film and learned how to develop in the darkroom. It was super fun, but all a lot of work, and to me, quite technical! As the years passed, I had young children, my life got busy, and I forgot all about how to use the settings on my camera.

I would look at the images from my point-and-shoot camera, with red eyes from flash, strange color casts, and blurry photos. I really wanted to take better photos, but I didn’t want to “be” a photographer.

In a search for help to take better photos of my kids, I ended up taking a 3 day photography course, and I unexpectedly found a passion that I wasn’t even looking...

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Portrait Photography

Mar 24, 2021

I LOVE portraits more than any other kind of photography. For me, it's about the connection. I enjoy getting to know other people and sharing the experience of a photo shoot with them. I also love the challenge of knowing that WHAT I say, and HOW I say it can dramatically impact the results of my shoot.

If I bring the energy and give intentional feedback and positivity, people respond to that, and it gives an opportunity for their authentic joy to show.

Some photographers pose their subject, silently adjust their settings (while the person awkwardly holds the pose), and then start taking photos without any direction or affirmation. That does not work for me! I don't get much joy out of that, and the person doesn't come alive in the photos (instead they may look awkward and unsure).

Before you take a portrait, ask yourself what the point of the photo is. Is it to capture something about their personality? To document a moment? To capture the...

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Artistic Photography: A Window to the Soul

Mar 23, 2021

They say that the eyes can be a window to the soul. I really believe that the camera lens can be a window to the soul as well. It can help you connect with yourself and help you express what is deep inside.

1. The camera can help you discover artistic giftings that you didn’t know you had!

I always connected with artistic things but I wasn’t the best artist in my class--I couldn't draw like some of the other kids, and I couldn't paint to the standard I desired (I could SEE the image I wanted in my mind's eye, but I would get so frustrated trying to put that down on paper). So what did I do? I stepped away from art and picked a different major in college. I turned my back on art because I didn't think I could do it. Can you relate to that?

Even though I thought I couldn’t ever be an artist, photography later proved me wrong. Photography makes art accessible to anyone, because you don’t have to draw a flower . . . you...

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Looking for the Light

Feb 09, 2021

When I first set out to create an online photography course, I asked people questions. If you could wave a magic wand and get better results in your photography, what is the one thing you'd like to learn?

Their answer? Light.

The word photography literally means "drawing with light." LIGHT is the perfect place to start when you're looking to improve your photography. It adds magic and takes your photographs to the next level.

I've put together a few of my favorite tips and tricks that relate to light. Give them a try and let me know how you do!


If you still have questions, please reach out and let me know at [email protected] 

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Family Photography: From Fussy to Fun

Jan 18, 2021

How many of you can relate to this scenario?

Mom has been planning a family shoot for a while now. She's combed Pinterest for inspiration and has everyone's outfits coordinated to a tee.  She's talked Dad into it, and even though (let's be honest) he'd really rather not be there, he knows better than to argue. 

The kids don't have the same restraint Dad has, and they are SO not into it.  They're running wild, and find impish joy in tossing chaos into the mix as the parents try to get everyone "perfect" for the photos. With every moment the stress level rises.

Maybe the family has hired a professional photographer, or maybe they're trying to do the photos themselves with a family member. Either way, it's not looking good.

By the time the time of the shoot rolls around, the parents are exasperated, the kids are unruly, and chaos is beginning.  It may seem that there are just two choices left, and I see them all the time in my clients: threaten or bribe...

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Mr. Rogers and His Camera

Dec 03, 2020

Today I watched the Tom Hanks movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, about the late Fred Rogers, TV host of the children's program Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. It touched me deeply. Mr. Rogers sought to redeem television for the sake of the souls of the children of the nation. He fought a long battle against thoughtless, brainless TV, with 865 episodes of his show, filmed over thirty-one years. He taught children about the value of all humanity, the importance of feeling our feelings and dealing with them in a good way, and well . . . just made everyone feel LOVED. Myself included.

How many of you watched Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood as a child? I did. I remember sitting in my favorite climbing tree, reading a book in the branches. My mom called out the front door that Mr. Rogers was on TV, and I startled. I couldn't miss my favorite show! I jumped from the tree instead of taking my rope ladder down, from a height that a child really shouldn't jump. I hurt my bare feet, but I...
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What are you looking for?

Oct 18, 2020


I love how looking through a lens causes you to see the world differently.  

You pick up a camera, look through the viewfinder, and the lens directs your eye to the subject. Everything else falls to the wayside as you focus in and capture that moment.

We all have lenses, don't we?  What lens is affecting your view of life?  Is it helping or harming? One thing I've learned in life is that we CAN change our lens. We have a choice.


And what about focus? What are you focusing on? Are you focusing on the things you have in your life to be thankful about, or the things that pull you down? There is so much power in thankfulness and focusing on the good. 


What should we look for?
I believe that in life, as well as in photography, we must look for the light.  It's not always easy to see it.  Sometimes we have to search.
Light in photography is everything. The word “photography” ...
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The Shadow Proves the Sunshine

Oct 18, 2020
How do you look at life?
You can look at the dark shadows, or at the bright and shiny highlights.
Life is like a camera, you can choose what to focus on.
Let's look for the light.
. . . . . 
But what about the shadows?
A good portrait photographer knows that a strong portrait will use shadow strategically to bring out the highlights of the face.
There's a Switchfoot song that states, "the shadow proves the sunshine."
So the dark things in our lives can actually highlight the good? 
We can view them as proof that the good is there, shining down upon us. 
. . . . .
What shadows are you facing right now?
How can you focus on the good and let the shadows call forth praise?
. . . . . 
Live in the Sun.
Live in the Light.
~ Laura


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